Will Manchester City Go Unbeaten In The Premier League This Season?

Pep Guardiola has brought the sexy football back for Manchester City this season, and we can’t get enough of it. They are making Premier League look like a one-horse race now with scintillating football dominating oppositions all over the park. Pep’s boys have gone unbeaten in the league accumulating 52 points from 18 matches so far. They are 11 points clear at the top of the table.

Its almost halfway through the season and we can’t blame people for comparing this Manchester City side to ‘The Invincibles’ Arsenal team. Such is the way the blue team of Manchester are playing. But are such comparisons worth it? Can they be the next ‘Invincibles’? Or it’s just too much pressure on the shoulder of Pep? We know that this team is capable of justifying the expectation. However, there is still more than half of the season to fulfil, and EPL is a bumpy road as we know it.

The destiny of their unbeaten run depends on so many different things but looking at present we can analyze which factor plays the crucial role. Here are the reasons why Manchester City will finish the season undefeated.

Reasons why Manchester City will remain unbeaten in the League this season?

Pep Guardiola

The name itself tells you the reason why you should fancy Manchester City this season. Pep has proven himself dominant in the La Liga and the Bundesliga, and now he wants to do it in England too.

Pep Guardiola Stats Before Christmas In Premier League 2017/18
Pep Guardiola Stats Before Christmas In The Premier League 2017/18

Along with his brilliant tactical mind what another trait of Guardiola that keeps Manchester City favorite to remain unbeaten is, Pep is dominative. He wants to shatter record books, and that keeps City refusing to lose even if they look to run away with the league title with ten games to spare.

Squad depth

Tell me one area where Manchester City lacks strength, and I will have my best friend arrested for no reason. They spent a hell of a lot of money to cover their fragile defense and 200 million dollars after, their defensive half boast the best record in the league this season so far. Now Pep has nothing to worry about, and even the injury to some players won’t even bother him. For instance, left-back Benjamin Mendy injured his ACL, but Fabian Delph hasn’t given a chance to miss him while we didn’t even realize Gundogan was sidelined till he started playing again. They also afforded to keep fit Aguero out on Manchester derby and still won.

Manchester City are like the Germany of clubs, you can’t beat them by performance, and your best chance is injury, but even the injury of their one-star player will pave the way for another two to shine.

De Bruyne Stats Premier League 2017/18 Season
Kevin De Bruyne Stats In The Premier League 2017/18 Season


One thing we can tell about Manchester City this season is they have been thoroughly adapted to the Pep Guardiola philosophy. The previous season, they wandered about the brilliant footballing ideology of Pep, but it’s into the head of each City’s players now. Just take a look at Fabian Delph and say no more. When you got that dominant recipe plastered into your head, you strive to win even when you are losing, ask Sterling about it.

We’ve also listed the reasons why they won’t be able to match the record of the great Arsenal side of 2003-04.

Reasons why Manchester City’s unbeaten streak will end before the conclusion

Huge lead at the table

Yes, you read it right. Manchester City are already 11 points clear at the top of the table and looking at the performance of their close challengers, Manchester United and Chelsea; the gap might get even wider in the future. In such scenario where City would run away with the league title early, Pep will surely give more emphasis to Champions League and starts resting key players during the league games where they can even afford to lose a game or two.

Let’s take an example of their last Champions League group game this season. Last 16 as a group winner was already confirmed to Manchester City prior to their final match with Shakhtar. And what Pep did is, he rested the key players and the players in the starting eleven too saved themselves in the game where they got nothing to lose. The result, Manchester City, tasted their first defeat of the season but with no significant consequence.

Strenuous Schedule

Despite winning all five games played against top six teams with a substantial goal difference in the first half of the season, Manchester City still need to face them again and this time away to some of the most challenging stadiums like the Anfield or Emirates or bet365 Stadium. Also, they have to play Champions League knockout games in the midweek where they can’t let any slip off.

Also if they are aiming for a treble, then they can’t bear to lose any cup matches though it is European or domestic or though it is two-legged or single legged. The only competition they can afford to take a breather is in the league, and we can expect them to trade some of their league games for the sake of other competitions.

So, it has been seen that if Manchester City focus on just to finish the season as a new ‘Invincibles’, then they can do it.

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