Lionel Messi Becomes Father For The Third Time.

One of the best players of all time, Lionel Messi becomes the father for the third time. The news was announced by renowned Spanish Journalist Alfredo Martinez on Twitter.

Messi was blessed with Thiago for the first time and later with Mateo. It is the third time Messi became a father with yet another son named ‘Ciro’.

Messi Becomes Father With Third Son CIro

Thiago Messi, Messi’ first son, was born on November 2, 2012. Now he is 5 years old. His second son, Mateo Messi, is two years old now. And, in the interval of 5 years, he has his third son. It looks as if Messi is planning a playing eleven out of his DNA.

The Journalist, Alfredo Martinez, show up to Twitter to congratulate, after Messi becomes father for the third time, to announce the awesome news. He stated that ” Messi and his wife Antonella have become parents. Congratulations”.

It was announced indirectly that Messi wouldn’t be available to play against Malaga due to some family problems. Barcelona are playing against bottom placed Malaga tonight.
Messi Welcomes CiroIn the official Facebook page after Messi becomes a father with third child, he welcomed his new son.
He stated, ” Welcome Ciro!!!Thank god that everything went perfectly. Mother and baby boy are doing great. We are happy.”

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