Enjoy Some Interesting Things About Lionel Messi’s Dog “Hulk”

The football superstar, Lionel Messi, is fond of dogs and he is seen time to time in the social media posting pictures and videos playing with his dogs, especially with the one named  Hulk, who seems to be the favorite pet of the soccer sensation. Here we look at some amusing facts and stats about Lionel Messi’s dog Hulk.


The dog is from a breed called  Dogue de Bordeaux. These dogs bore a French heritage and are muscular and powerful. It is believed that the breed is closely related with the Bullmastiff and the Bulldog. They are known for loyalty, compassion, and gentleness.

These dogs are a little over a hundred pound with a height of around two feet.


These dogs are currently one of the most popular in the world. In the US, the Dogue de Bordeaux is the 63rd most popular breed.

How much Messi paid for the ‘Hulk’

Messi Dog the Hulk

Messi didn’t pay a single penny for the Hulk. The reason is he was gifted the dog by his girlfriend, now wife, Antonella Roccuzzo in January 2016.

However, the market price of the puppies of Dogue de Bordeaux costs around $1000 – $1300 USD.

What Messi feeds his dog

The breed of this type prefers to eat meat, mainly whole chicken, beef, fish, and lamb.

Messi loves to cuddle with the Hulk

The Argentine maestro is seen in the social media posting pictures of cuddling with his beloved pet on multiple times.

Interesting Fact: Messi was once called a dog

… by a Real Madrid player. If you guessed Isco, then you are absolutely right! The Spanish midfielder caused quite a lot stir in media when he revealed that he named his dog Messi. Isco later clarified that he was a big fan of Messi, and thus named his pet after the Barcelona star in a way to respect him.

Enjoy The Video of Messi Toying With His Dog Like The Helpless Defenders In Football

The 31-year-old was enjoying some family time with his sons Mateo and Thiago, one of whom can be heard saying in the video: “Hulk is very good at playing football.”

“Yeah, but dad is better,” responds Messi’s another son.

And we couldn’t agree with the latter junior Messi more!

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