Five Things Chelsea Should Do To Beat Barcelona

So, is there anyway Chelsea can go through this tie? Here are the ways how Chelsea could upset the Spanish giants.

How Chelsea Can Beat Barcelona

It’s finally here. Two clubs with big rivalry, Chelsea and Barcelona, in the Champions League. This is what it’s all about an electric night at the Stamford Bridge the place I would like like to term as “Garden of Eden.” European nights under the floodlights and the record on the bridge is something Chelsea Fan can be proud of. Barcelona has won only one of their six away match against Chelsea in the Champion League. But it’s tough.

Nothing can be separated. Barcelona are the magical team and can give a nightmare to any teams. But you shouldn’t rule the Chelsea out too. They are the underdogs, but that’s how Chelsea perform their best as an underdogs.

So, is there anyway Chelsea can go through this tie? Here are the ways how Chelsea could upset Barca.

Counter The Diamond

Chelsea need to win the first leg if they want to have any of their chances of going further in the next round of the champion league and have something to protect at the Nou Camp. It can be done by taking the lead at first because with a goal down, Chelsea will feel the pressure and Antonio Conte usually struggles in such scenario. And for that Chelsea need to spot the formation.

Barcelona currently plays 4-4-2 diamond formation with Paulinho on top of it, and Chelsea need to compact that system. And the way to do that is by playing 3-5-2 where you have the numerical advantage every point on the pitch except for the center forward, but that could be joined by Eden Hazard when Chelsea has the ball and compensate that.

And having a numeric advantage is key in this match because Chelsea are not going to have a lot of ball. So it should be made sure that Chelsea has a player at the right position to defend for their life which is going to be very very important. For this Chelsea need to sacrifice Willian and Pedro to make sure they outnumber Barcelona everywhere on the pitch because they need to defend everywhere on the pitch and they need to defend on mass.

Keep Barca’s Left Side Quiet

Barcelona are very very good down the left. CeserAzpilicueta and Victor Moses (DavideZappacosta) should really be sharp on the right because that’s where Leo Messi loves and Jordi Alba plays, and everyone knows they have a very good linkup among themselves and understand each other very well.

Jordi Alba already has six assists and has two goals, and if he gets chance to go forward, he could be very very dangerous for Chelsea. So Cesar Azplicueta should keep his one eyes on the right side as well rather than focusing only on center, and Andres Christensen need to be sharp and show his brilliance as well. And even NgoloKante have to have one thought and look what is going on in his left side of the pitch. So keeping their left side quiet is very vital. Dembele can create the problem too in the later part of the game.

Pick The Perfect Team

I am not saying the best team but I am talking about the perfect team. And that includes David Luiz as a CDM. Though the relation between Conte and Luiz is sour and it looks unlikely to happen, I think Luiz should be in this fixture, and if he is fit, he should be playing. He has played as a center midfielder in the past for Chelsea with Benetiz on charge and has done pretty well.

Luiz is a big game player, big personality and has a great experience of playing this tournament. He can take the ball forward and can score a long distance goal which Chelsea lack this season. I don’t think the Brazilian will play but hope Luiz plays. And I would also pick up Cahill as an experienced and robust physical player on the back although he had an awful season this season.

But if he gives his best on the pitch and has his positional awareness, he is still one of the very best. And in forward Oliver Giroud to start and dominate with his physical presence and make a linkup with Eden Hazard and later on, Alvero Morata can come on and show his presence in the game.

Garden Of Eden

The form of Eden Hazard is so vital for all the Chelsea Fan to win this fixture and currently he is in the top form. It is his showcase in front of the Best Player in the world to show his best game and it cannot be on the place any better than ‘Garden of Eden.’ He looks confident from his press conference and ever since this tie was made, he believed that Chelsea could go through and defeat Barca. No doubt that Eden is the one of the best players in the world. If he has a good game tonight, Chelsea could win the fixture.

Uplift The Spirit

What Chelsea fans want to see in tonight’s game is every player fight for their pride.The likes of Frank Lampard, Michael Ballack, Guss Hiddink were at Chelsea training ground at Cobham getting players ready for the Barcelona match.

Adding positive spirit to the players for the match and the importance of this match for Chelsea. They are playing against one of the best clubs in the world who are on the top for with only one defeat and this game is one of the greatest opportunity for the players to show they are not less than anyone and mark one of the best of their career like Ramires did in 2012.

A goal of Fernando Torres was enough to forget his every mistake he made in his 18 months on the club before. It is a chance for the players to write their name for Chelsea football club.

No matter what it is going to be one of the matches that give joy to football fans. A lot of emotion a lot of dramas coming on. Looking forward or the game.

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