Footballers Cheating Scandals: Football/Soccer Players Sleeping With Their Teammate’s WAGs

Football is a team game, team success and even individual player’s glory highly depend upon the teammates. “Be trustworthy, committed and be respectful to your teammates,” this phrase is the first thing manager utters to the players in the dressing room. But sometimes, the players forget their team code, their lavish lifestyle goes to their head, and the players of the beautiful game engage in some of the ugliest stuff.

Cheating with anyone’s wife/girlfriend is an immoral thing; a simple off-limit affair can deteriorate the whole life or arrangements. What worse is cheating with your teammate’s wife or girlfriend, it will not only hampers the existing relationship but also divides a team and ruin the club’s atmosphere. But there are some shameful football/soccer stars who took a s**t on moral values and slept with their teammates’ wife/girlfriend. Take a look at these top 5 notorious football star and explore their cheating scandals with their teammate’s wife/girlfriend.


The forgotten French Midfielder who was destined to be one of the finest ballplayers lost his way when he cheated on his teammate’s wife. The teammate was none other than Former Ballon d’Or winner and UEFA president, Michel Platini. The early 1980s were the years when Larios and Platini dragged Saint-Étienne to the French glory and were expected to play pivotal roles for the French national team in 1982 World Cup Finals in Spain.

But a rift appeared between them prior to the World Cup after a rumor appeared about Larios cheating with Platini’s wife, Chantelle. The cheating scandal not only hampered Saint-Étienne’s aim of getting a domestic double but also France’s chance of lifting the big one in Spain. Legend has it that Platini handed the French coach Michel Hidalgo a ‘me or him’ ultimatum after their first group game against England which they lost 3-1. Larios must be regretting his lustful romance with his teammate’s wife as he never ever became the same after the cheating scandal.


The new Swansea City man is a decent striker, but his discipline on and off the field is a real problem. A leaked youtube video in August 2015 revealed that he had a four years sexual affair with his Ghana teammate Afriyie Acquah’s wife.

The record has Afriyie Acquah’s wife candidly talking about her relationship with Jordan Ayew and how Acquah would get angry when he sees his wife with his teammate, Ayew getting together. She also babbled that the 26-years old striker has shagged her more times than her real husband and Ayew’s teammate, Acquah. Surprisingly, Jordan Ayew showed no sincere remorse for this cheating scandal with his teammate’s wife.

3. Mauro Icardi

Mauro Icardi and his Argentina teammate, Maxi Lopez were the best of friends and Lopez was a mentor for Icardi. But the current Inter Milan captain betrayed Maxi Lopez by starting an affair with his teammate’s then-wife, Wanda Nara. The Argentinian Supermodel and Maxi Lopez were married with three kids, but still, Icardi disgustingly got close to Wanda and cheated on his mentor’s wife.

Icardi got married to Wanda in 2014 and now has two kids together. Even after shagging and marrying his teammate’s wife, Icardi does not seem to be any regretful and sorry towards his international teammate. Maxi Lopez refuses to shake Icardi’s hands everytime they meet during the game.

2. John Terry

Hands down to the most infamous sexual cheating scandal in football history. The former Chelsea captain was a center of controversy in 2010 after the media found out that he cheated on his wife with a teammate’s girlfriend. The English defender cheated with Wayne Bridge’s model wife, Vanessa Perroncel.

The cheating scandal with his fellow England International’s  wife cost John Terry his captaincy in national team while Wayne Bridge left the England squad after that. John Terry. Cheating with his teammate’s wife made John Terry a global troll sensation. Look at this.

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1. Paul Terry

Guess who’s on the number one teammate’s wife shagging list? It’s John Terry’s elder brother Paul Terry. There is a saying “bros before hoes, ” but the Terry bothers have inherited the “bros with hoes” saying. Paul Terry, as a classic dirt-bag slept with his teammate Dale Robert’s wife during his time at Rushden and Diamonds in early 2001. The club quickly released him after his cheating scandal with the goalkeeper’s wife, but it could not stop Dale Robert from depression.

Dale tragically committed suicide in 2010 after failing to cope with the depression he got from his teammate’s wicked relationship with his wife.

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