Brazil WAGs: Top Five Hottest WAGs of Brazilian Stars

The five-time World Champions, Brazil holds a major spark in the world of football. Brazilian football stars are globally recognized through their impressive performance for the country and their respective clubs. Besides their in-field hard-work, they have got the lady luck who motivate and cherish them. We will look at some of them in top five hottest Brazil WAGs.

Top Five Hottest Brazil WAGs

Here, we have short-listed the top five hottest WAGs of Brazilian football stars who are behind their successful careers.

5. Carol Cabrino

The sensational cover singer and model, Carol Cabrino is the wife of famous Brazilian defender Marquinhos. She made her place on top five of Brazil WAGs. Carol has been a YouTube sensation from her early age. She started to gain much more popularity when she was 15 years old. Carol’s videos received millions of visit and enormous reactions.

Brazil WAGs, Carol Cabrino

Marquinhos saw Carol in her one of the YouTube videos. He was impressed by her talent and asked her to meet sometime. After hanging out on a regular basis, the couple became attracted to each other and thus got engaged in 2014. Carol and Marquinhos tied their knot together in 2016. The couple is blessed with an amazing as well as a beautiful daughter.

4. Aine Coutinho

Aine Coutinho is the famous wife of exceptional Brazilian forward Philippe Coutinho. She gained name and fame when she married the prominent superstar. Aine has achieved millions of followers in her Instagram and other social media account.

Brazil WAGs, Aine Coutinho

Aine and Philippe met for the first time at a friend’s party. Since then, they started dating and enjoyed a romantic period before getting married in 2012. The couple is now blessed with a beautiful daughter and a son, and they seem to enjoy each other’s company a lot.

3. Joana Sanz

The stunning Spanish beauty queen, Joana Sanz is related to Brazilian superstar defender Dani Alves. Joana is a well-known model since her teenage. Sanz is frequently active in social media and has got an enormous fan following across the globe. Joana keeps on posting photos on Instagram where she is seen working out and hanging out with Alves.

Brazil WAGs, Joana Sanz

Apart from modeling, Joana has appeared in editorials for Elle magazine. Furthermore, she has starred in many advertising campaigns in her career. Dani Alves and Joana got married in 2017 on the Spanish Island. The wonderful couple is living a blissful life together.

2. Larissa Saad

Another hottest WAG to make into our list is Brazilian midfielder Lucas Moura’s wife Larissa Saad. She works as a model and has gained much fame since she married Moura back in 2016. Apart from modeling, Larissa is also a business administrator.

Brazil WAGs, Larissa Saad

Larissa and Moura knew each other for long period. However, they started dating in 2015 and fell in love with each other. After enjoying romantic togetherness for one year, the couple tied their knot in 2016. Larissa and Moura are recently blessed with a son named Miguel.

1. Bruna Marquezine

Among the sizzling and sensational Brazil WAGs, the glamorous Brazilian actress Bruna Marquezine makes to the top of a pile in our top five hottest Brazil WAGs. The well-known diva is related with one of the renowned superstars of world football, Neymar. Bruna began her modeling career performing in commercials and videos. Soon enough, she was well recognized for her wonderful work and got a huge break in Brazilian film industry.

Brazil WAGs, Bruna Marquezine

Bruna and Neymar have been dating for a while and are seen together attending numerous parties and galas. They have been on and off for few times since dating together. However, as we see them posting pictures together and enjoying holidays and outings, we believe they are attracted to each other.

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